We are AddSubtract.

There are many experiential issues in our lives. They can be found online, with our gadgets or in the checkout lane. Our goal is to knock a few off the list.

Where can a man get a proper cut?

No franchises, or salons; just Master Barbers & straight razors. We don't discuss sissy things.

Where should you
eat lunch?

Yelp, Ness, and many others will show you all the possibilites, but they won’t answer your question.

There is no precision with touch controls.

Dual analog controls are brilliant because of tactile feedback. GameStickr gives you that tactile feedback over your mobile games, all the while staying
out of your way.

Why are wallets larger than what they hold?

Plastic cards don’t need to be protected by bulky leather. The wallet needs to evolve. Say hello to Wallace. Only what you need. Nothing more.

All color and no language?

Intuitive, and familiar are too often understood in design. So, can a game be understood with
no written language?

Platformers are old, what if they evolved?

We wanted an old school platformer, multiplayer, tons of stuff, and a live world thats ever updating. No more waiting for updates in the app store.

Idea Generation


Though concepts are only the begining, we ensure a good starting point. With our years of expereince we can help quickly refine ideas to the best vialble options for production.


Creative sparring is our first love in what we do. We enjoy partnering for strategic or creative brainstorms to help your team get the most
out the sessions.


Ideas are best tested with prototypes. We will rapidly prototype in many formats, including apps, screens, mockups, 3D printing
or even cardboard.

UX (User Experience)


It's important to understand where your users want to go, what what they want to accomplish when they get there. We have a simple refined process and tool set to help clearly define these parts of the experience.


After you know what you are going accomplish, you can discuss the needed building blocks.


This is the part of the process where we talk about screens and layouts. How do you guide the user, support thier decisions, and build
a page hierarchy.

UI (User Interface)


Flat? Skuomorphic? Something compleetly custom? We help design your products image.


There is something about a craftsmans attention to detials that sets them apart. Here is where we push your talents. Lets finness that design. Get it to perfection. Take it to the next level of quality that you need.

Code Development


Whats problem solving with out answers? Concepts are where you start to put it all together.


We utilize the best of what the web has to offer for prototyping concepts. We are familiar with many frameworks that allow us to get a functional prototype up in minutes on any screen.


When your ready to develp your idea and get it to market, lean on us and our experince and expertiese. Lets work together and take your industry by storm!


Some of Us

UX Designer
& Creative Evangelist.
UX Designer
& Indecisively Mobile.
Objective-C Craftsman
& Budding Father